Out of Thin Air

Create and connect dots
for outsized impact


Exceptional results seemingly arise out of thin air, but in reality they result from innovative thinking and disciplined execution.

Keynote speakers Chris Donohoe, a highly decorated former Tier 1 Special Operator – one of only three recipients ever of the US Special Operations Command Dick Meadows Award for Heroism, and Hunter Albright, PhD, distill decades of experience across military and corporate environments into instantly-applicable mindsets, behaviors, and tools to produce exponential results.

Operating in an information driven industry, I found their stories and recommendations inspiring and immediately applicable to how we think about our team and strategy.

David Todd

Managing Director, Brookfield Asset Management

Chris and Hunter did an excellent job in translating the lessons from US Special Operations into actionable recommendations for all our employees – from the front line staff to the leadership team.  Their talk was insightful and motivating.

Scott Kelly

COO, Conrex

Key Lessons

1. Curiosity Drives Consumption

The path to exceptional results begins with curiosity.

2. Consumption Drives Performance

Our actions are a result of the information that we consume.  Be purposeful in the consumption of content to develop skills and improve performance.

3. Trust Enables Flexible Action

The development of trust across a team enables fast flexible action.

4. Action Drives Intel and Learning

Commitment to consistent action drives intelligence gathering and ongoing learning.  Both are critical to long-term success.

Great operators create opportunity in dynamic and complex environments

General Stanley McChrystal is widely credited with revolutionizing warfare in the aftermath of 9-11 by fusing intelligence and operations — leading more than 150,000 troops through a virtual command base. Former U.S. Army Tier 1 Special Operator Chris Donohoe served at the forefront of this revolution as a member of one of the world’s premiere counter-terrorist organizations, where he and his teammates produced outsized results across the globe.

Now with Dr. Hunter Albright, they now facilitate an eye-opening discussion in which they share practical tactics for successfully leading organizations through crisis learned by studying the best practices of special operations and how they can be applied in other environments. Their insights on how groups can accelerate operational effectiveness in their own environments can be applied by any organization.

Chris and Hunter’s mission is to help companies unlock greater opportunities through the “creation of dots” and development a culture that embrace dynamic environments as opportunities for improvement through application of proven mindsets and disciplines.

Whether you book a live event or a customized Virtual Experience, leaders get fired up and focused, teams improve their execution and employees scale the heights to peak performance.

Inspire Change with a New Perspective

Contact Chris and Hunter – OTA@goinflo.com – today to see how they can customize a solution to accomplish all of your meeting objectives.

Lead Through Creation

Change is everywhere, and it provides the opportunity to redefine who you are, and how you can lead others.

Organizations of all kinds struggle to survive in today’s turbulent and rapidly changing environment.

In an engaging speech that can be tailored to all levels of an organization, Chris Donohoe and Dr. Hunter Albright weave together incredible lessons from Chris’s time as a Tier 1 Special Operator and team leader and corporate experiences to present compelling lessons and actions for organizations looking to elevate their performance and create sustainable competitive advantages.

In their talk, Chris and Hunter take audiences on a journey to share how the strategies and lessons of U.S. Special Operations are used to create sustainable competitive advantages in military and corporate environments.

Understanding the applicability of the lessons and inspired by the stories, listeners will be inspired and challenged to change the way their own company views learning and execution as a strategic imperative.

Chris and Hunter’s program will cover:

  • How to promote and develop an “Operating” culture
  • How to lead through learning
  • How to create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • How to build a learning machine

Meet the Guys

Chris Donohoe

Following a distinguished 21-year career in US Special Operations, Chris co-founded INFLO to radically change how content is distributed and consumed to create the greatest operational effect for individuals and organizations. The lessons he learned in the military guide the development of INFLO the company and the product. 

Chris is one of only three recipients ever of the US Special Operations Command Dick Meadows Award for Heroism.

Chris contributed to the book “Paragraph 3: Conversations About Prepared Leadership in the Age of Perpetual Uncertainty — From the C-Suite to the Battlefield” where he shared leadership lessons from Special Operations and how they apply in business.

He is a Pat Tillman Scholar and earned a Master of Foreign Policy from John Hopkins University.

Hunter Albright

With nearly three decades of transforming businesses across multiple industries and in over 20 countries, he has a unique perspective to lead companies and people through ambitious and challenging transformations. He built deep and broad expertise by working with, coaching, educating, and learning from executives, design, product, marketing, and engineering teams at leading global brands and innovative start-ups including Barclays, Visa, MasterCard, Santander, Nordea, HSBC, Uplight, CableLabs, ENGIE, REA and many more.

Hunter also is an advisor to early stage technology and software companies and serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Leeds School of Business. 

Hunter earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in Systems Engineering. His research focused on optimization and artificial intelligence.

Inspire Change with a New Perspective

Contact Chris and Hunter- OTA@goinflo.com – today to see how they can customize a solution to accomplish all of your meeting objectives.